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We offer quality Wild Boar hunting for the beginner hunter as well as the seasoned veteran. The ranch is located only one hour and fifteen minutes from Sacramento, California. We pride ourselves in providing a truly great wild boar experience. Excellent hunting, beautiful scenery, superior trophy opportunity, pure European bloodlines, hot showers, clean comfortable bunk houses, and short drive are just a few of the benefits you will find with us and our approximately 12,000-25,000 acres of hunting opportunity. This allows us to rotate our hunts so that the hunters are always in a fresh area. Does this sound like a trophy deer hunt? It should it is handled the same way!We have been hunting and guiding at multiple ranches since 2003. Our number one goal is to provide a safe, exciting, and successful hunt to our clients. Our goal is to be known as being northern California's premier hunting ranch, and every year we have made improvements to our facilities and our game management, and are well on the way. We know that a successful hunt is more than just a kill. It has to also include comfortable lodging, great campfires, beautiful scenery, and courteous people. Hunt Hogs, Rams, and Buffalo and never leave central California.

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Hunt ID: CA-HogRamTurkeyBuffalo-All-AMENTOSACR-AHHA-IKEM.pdf

Hogs Rams Buffalo 

We invite you to come experience some of the best guided trophy hunts for Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Bison/Buffalo, Bear, Moose and Wolf in Alberta Canada.The majority of our hunts are located in the lush boreal region of the province which has excellent populations of quality trophies.

Your host and full time outfitter, and brings decades of experience to the table and is absolutely dedicated to making your hunt a success.We offer archery, crossbow, rifle, and muzzle loader hunts, and do whatever it takes to give you the opportunity for the trophy you are looking for!We provide comfortable camp facilities, and are always willing to go that extra mile to make your hunt a memorable one.(Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt )

Hunt ID:CA-AB-WDeerMDeerMooseWolves-Edmonton-ShadowCheekOutfitters-Henry.pdf

Buffalo Whitetail Deer Mule Deer Moose Wolves

We offer Trophy DISCOUNTED mule deer hunts( 170 plus) on private property and limited draw areas.
We have guaranteed permits, landowner vouchers, CWMU, and Conservation permits for most all hunts is included for $5000 reduced down to only $3495 with the $ 1500 landowner voucher included for free so you can buy a licenses at any time and not need points or even get into the draw. Along with that we offer the animals below guiding in Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. Our goal is to surround you with big animals in coveted locations, at a working mans prixwa, As you can see we book up fast so I recommend that you book early or in many cases you mast book the previous year.


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Rocky Mountain Elk, Roosevelt Elk BBear Mule Deer Blacktail Deer Goat Sheep Lion Buffalo Moose Turkey Antelope

**Colorado Drop Camps only $ 895 or Free ranging Oryx hunts in New Mexico only $ 1495
Trophy deer and elk in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Montana Some Rut Hunts Still available!
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Hunt ID: CO-NM-MT-ElkMDeerSheepGoatBuffaloOryx-All-Durango-CO-Chris.pdf
Elk Mule Deer Sheep Goat Buffalo Oryx
**We have good numbers of both Elk and Deer in unit 071 and the surrounding units.
It is becoming increasingly important as a Southwest Colorado outfitter to have the ability to provide horse services. The Colorado forest service continues to restrict motor vehicles on public hunting lands. Most 4-wheeler trails in the area of this outfitter have hunted for the past 20 years are not restricted to horse back and foot traffic only. Our Outfitter can now provide horse service as part of the elk hunting hunt package or deer hunting package.
This includes packing out game if taken in a remote area, or even fairly close to roads. This will allow us to elk hunt and deer hunt into areas that now become a real challenge to retrieve game. Some Rut Hunts Still available! Booked
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Hunt ID: CO-ElkMDeerBuffalo-ALL-Dolores-APO-Mel.pdf
Elk Mule Deer-Buffalo
**Fully Guided Hunts (Hunts in GMU069 and GMU084)
This outfitter guides are exceptionally qualified, offering you more than 50 years combined experience. Our high percentage on Harvest rate shows we have quality guides and you will be hunting quality property. We will customize a package to suit your needs to provide you that extra level of service and client satisfaction.
We hunt for the trophy animals in Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Antelope, Bear, Mountain Lion, Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Buffalo, Turkey and Varmints. We hunt two separate mountain Ranches plus other plains and high country, where will I hunt, the location that we have scouted and found the trophy animals.
Guaranteed licenses are held by this ranch, as it comes under the Ranching for Wildlife program through the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Rifle hunting runs from early September through November, which means you, have the option to hunt with a rifle through the rut.
Sheep units are we hunt in units S8, S9, S35, S49, S50, S51, and S60.
The breeding ground and birthplace for more than 600 head of some of Colorado's finest elk, this ranch includes 13,000 acres of lush grassy meadow, rolling hills and mountains covered with spruce, pine and aspen. Its elevation ranges from 9,000 to 11,000 feet. Bordering the SanIsabel National Forest allows for additional hunting access.
$ 3495 with $ 500 voucher included. Only one is available so first come first serve.
Meadows Ranch
(Elk only, with rifle or any legal method) 09-13 thru 10-30
Mountain Meadows Ranch - Rifle hunt during the rut !!!!!
Guaranteed Elk "licenses" held by this ranch
Bull Elk - $7,495 Deer - $2,995 Combo - $9,995
Bull Elk & Bear Combo - $8,495
N Ranch
Bull Elk- Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle - $4,495 Cow Elk -$1,795 (4 day hunt)
Licenses for the 2nd & 3rd season can be bought over the counter.
Deer (draw only) Archery - $2,495 Rifle - $2,995
R Ranch
Bull Elk - $7,495 Deer - $2,995 Combo - $9,995 Antelope - $2,495
Private Land Hunts
Archery elk $6,495 Draw license - unit 69/84
Archery antelope $2,495 Licenses sold over the counter
Bighorn sheep $6,495 Draw license
Mountain lion $3,995 Licenses sold over counter
Black bear $1,495 Draw license - unit 69/84
Buffalo/Bull $5,995 No tag needed
Spring turkey $ 495 2 day hunt
Varmint hunting $150 per day prairie dogs and or calling coyotes on over 20,000 acres. Bring small bore rifles and 1000+ rounds of ammo.
*All non-hunter accompanying hunter $150 per day.
Some Rut Hunts Still available!
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Hunt ID: CO-ElkMWDeerAntelopeSheepMLionSheepTurkeyBearBuffaloVarmint-All-Westcliffe-SDCO-Steed.pdf
Elk Whitetail Deer Mule Deer Antelope Buffalo Turkey Bear Lion Sheep Goat Varmints
**You will be hunting with an outfitter that is known as one of the highest quality elk, whitetail deer, fallow deer, buffalo, and turkey hunting preserves in the Mid-West. We handle nothing but the finest caliber big game animals, as well as wild turkey.
ELK HUNTS SCI Gross Score Hunt Cost
Up to 300"$ 2,500.00
300 to 339"$ 3,500.00
340 to 359"$ 4,500.00
360 to 389"$ 6,000.00
390 to 409"$ 8,000.00
410" and up Call for Pricing
130 to 149" $ 2,500.00
150 to 169" $ 3,500.00
170 to 179" $ 4,500.00
180 to 189" $ 5,500.00
190 to 199" $ 6,500.00
200'and up Call for Pricing
Cow Elk $1,495.00
Mgt. Bull Elk (3 to 4 pts per side) $1,795.00
Mgt. WT Buck (up to 129" 8pt) $1,195.00
Cow Buffalo $1,795.00
Spring Turkey 3 days and 3 nights, Includes Lodging, Meals and Guide Service (License not included) $ 750.00
Axis Deer $2,400.00
Fallow Deer $2,400.00
Buffalo 700 to 900 lbs.$2,400.00
Small Red Stag$2,400.00
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Hunt ID: MO-ElkWDeerFDeerBuffaloTurkey-All-Linn-ERO-Johnnie.pdf
Elk Whitetail Deer Fallow Deer Buffalo Turkey
**Semi-Guided Come to Southern Oklahoma's answer to hunting for those who have a taste for something out of the ordinary animals found in the state. Riverview Ranch and Bow Safari offers a hunting experience the likes of which will be forever etched in your memories.
With a combined experience of 16 years in the hunting ranch business the goal in this new venture is to offer the most diversified variety of hunts available at one location. A one stop shopping for hunting! Hunting experiences range from; Trophy Whitetails, Trophy Elk, Exotics, Wild Hogs, Upland Game Birds, Water Fowl, and More. This provides a facility to accommodate large corporate groups and individual hunters. We will take you in and treat you like family. River View Ranch / Bow Safari will strive to make your hunting experience a success in every aspect. Keep in mind, that at our ranch "The Hunting Season Never Ends".
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Hunt ID: OK-WDeerElkHogExoticBuffaloTurkeyBirds-Coalgate-RRBS-Ricki.pdf
Whitetail Deer Turkey Elk Hog Exotics Buffalo Birds
**26,000 Acres Ranch On 26,000 acres ranch near Sanderson, Texas this ranch has been has been intensive whitetail and Mule deer management for last 8 years!!
With our Texas big game hunting guides you will be able to trophy hunt more than 25 different species of exotics. Super exotics roam our vast acreage, including Elk, Fallow, Addis, Kudu, Oryx, Red Deer, and Buffalo to name a few.
We have built a solid reputation as a Texas Big Game hunting ranch destination. This Texas exotic hunting ranch that provides a top quality trophy hunts for super exotic animals. Trophy Whitetail Deer, personable, professional hunting guide service and first class corporate retreat meals and accommodations.
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Hunt ID: TX-WDeerMDeerExotocsElkBison-Huntsville-Guided-Chris.pdf
Whitetail Deer Mule Deer Exotics Elk Bison
**Huge Bull Elk are on the Agenda in Canada
Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada for Elk, Whitetail Deer, Bison and Wild Boar
Your Hunt will put you in a place where you will find that MASSIVE CANADIAN TROPHY ELK you have always dreamed about. Thank you for your interest in us and our HUGE Bull Elk hunts in particular. I would like to tell you a bit about our operation, and what benefits our hunts can offer you, and the low special rate we extend to “Outdoorsmen” referred guests!
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Hunt ID: CA-SK-ElkWDeerBisonHog-All-Clinton-SWC-Steve.pdf
Whitetail Deer Elk Bison Hogs
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