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​​Special Hunts In States A-M

Special Hunts with short time Discounted Prices



For more details and booking contact S. L. Merriam at (303) 776-7528 or email



​The Ultimate DIY Hunt!

Hunt the Harrison Creek Lodge; this is a DIY hunt for elk, mule deer, and turkey. You will be staying in your furnished 3 bedroom cabin with 1 bathroom but a total of 3 sinks, with 85 private acres with 5 tree stands and a ground blind. Plus a pond surround by thousands of acres of the Grand Masa National Forest, located by Colburn, Colorado. Cabin has bunk beds and will sleep six to seven. It is located at 8000 feet which is ideal for elk and large bucks in GMU421. Easy gravel road access behind 2 locked gates. Owner will meet you and get you through the locked gates. Then show how to use all of the facilities. There is a $100 refundable damage deposit for each group. Your group and another group may be there at the same time unless your group is 6 people. The cabin has Solar DC 12 volt power, running water and indoor toilet plus a Propane refrigerator and stove. When you arrive you will meet the owner in Colbran Colorado. He will get you through 2 locked gates into the cabin. Then he will instruct you on how to use the facility.

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Elk Mule Deer

We call this the California hunt. It is rifle Trophy Mule deer in the earliest Rifle Deer season and the first 5 days of the season. As rule nights are cool and days are warm usually there is no snow. It is the warmest fall hunting for deer with a high trophy success.


Rifle Deer and Elk

5 day Rifle Elk Hunt guided $ 3000 reduced down to only ……..………. $ 1795

5 day Rifle Deer Hunt guided $ 3000 reduced down to only .………...…. $ 1795

5 day Rifle Elk/Deer Combo Hunt guided $ 3500 reduced down to only…$ 2495

3 day Rifle antelope guided $ 2800 reduced down to only ……….…….… $ 1495


Archery Deer and Antelope

5 day Archery Deer $ 2600 reduced down to only…………..…………….. $ 1495

5 day Archery Antelope $ 2600 reduced down to only.…………….……... $  995

5 day Archery Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt $ 3500 reduced down to only. $ 2995

Extra deer or antelope days are $ 250 reduced down to a per day rate of ..$  100


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Hunt ID:CO-ElkMdeerAntelope-All-RAIGC-OT-ACKJ.pdf

Elk Deer Mule Antelope 

Welcome to the center of the world, the place where east meets west, the plains meet the mountains, the elk and the deer meet the antelope. From here you can drive to any place in the United States or even fly there. You are not only in the place where you hunt in the highest elk density in the world but you are in the legendary elk capitol of the United States, the famous Craig Colorado. From this town of 10,000 people draw an imaginary 100 mile circle and you will not find anywhere that a circle of this size can encompass so many elk. The NW corner of the state is home to over half of the states 375,000 elk. If you come to Craig to see people you may as well stay home. 

If you came here to see elk don’t waste another minute come see where the elk are made and the highest elk density in the world wraps around you like the glamor of nature at its finest. Colorado is home to the largest elk population in the world and within this big game hunting mecca, Moffat County boasts to two of the largest migratory elk herds in North America and is also a hunting hot spot for deer, antelope and small game. With over 20,000 acres to hunt on 7 different ranches you will be swimming in prime private land and enjoying the success it provides.

Discounted GUIDED HUNT on 20,000 acres of Private Land PRICING Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle

5 Day Archery Elk ……… Discounted Down to only..………………….….$ 1495

2 Day Antelope……$ 1000 Reduced Down to only ...………………..……..$ 595

5 Day Deer……..…..$ 2000 Reduced Down to only…………………….…..$ 1495

5 Day Elk ………..…$ 3000 Reduced Down to only………………….……..$ 1795

4 Day Elk.(EOS)...…$ 3000 Reduced Down to only………………….……..$ 1495

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Hunt ID: CO-ElkMDeerAntelope-All-RAIC-BOG-ARYG.pdf

Elk Mule Deer Antelope 

Low Cost DIY Elk Hunting Drop Camp with Horses and Guide to camp

Guests provide all their own food, gear and supplies. A DIY hunt for just $495 per person, plus $150 per pack horse. You don't pay for packing out unless you need and want it at $ 250 per animal pack out. We have broken it down so you can guide yourself, if you need us we can assist.



Antelope $1000 reduced down to only…………………………………….. $ 495

Archery Deer $1000 is reduced down to only…………………………….. $ 695

Late Rifle Cow elk is $1000 reduced down to only……………………….. $ 795 

All hunting must be concluded by 10/12, and can’t begin again until after 11/20.

You will be hunting the prime GMU301 private land which also give you access to the famous GMU003 each known for trophy class Mule Deer and Antelope.


(Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt)

Hunt ID: CO-ElkMDeerAntelope-All-RAIGC-RS-NDO.pdf

Elk Mule Deer Antelope

This is the hunt for the big boys, no light weights allowed!

TROPHY MULE DEER ON A REPETAIVE BASIS YEAR AFTER YEAR    The hunt will be in Colorado GMU083 is a minimal license trophy hunt which takes about 4-5 points to draw as a hunter and 3 years as a landowner for the 2nd or 3rd season.GMU081 is shadowed by GMU083 making it a sleeper but the bucks in that unit on this private property.

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Mule Deer

 Are you good enough for a Do it yourself (DIY) hunt? You know enough about deer and elk hunting and have had enough experience with your boots on the ground with rifle in hand? You have a few buglers in your pocket and are at that age where your legs have gotten shorter and your mind gotten bigger so you don’t have to run to the top of every mountain to check for elk?

If you can read the above and say those fateful words, “I DO” then I have the hunt for you.

Yes, Hunting Property with access to acres and acres of public land, lodging, but you will have to cook your own meals in the Cabin or, house that is provided, all for only $1695, of if there are 2 hunters it is only $1595, or 3 hunters $1495, or 4 hunters only $ 1395 per hunter!!!!

As you know Colorado has a draw system which always complicates things but what we have done to take some of the complication out of it, for the 1 price you can hunt deer, buck elk, bull or cow elk, or both or all 3 if you wish.​

​Elk Mule Deer​

DIY This is the best opportunity of success for a DIY hunt in Colorado. 

Good DIY property is difficult to find, usually it means over crowed public land or the poorest private land hunting on the ranch. 

Well this outfitter is different. This outfitter not only provides you with the whole ranch in prime Colorado big game area but does it on 5 different ranches in the area. They are in GMU016, GMU017, and GMU181.

Not only does he put you in elk, deer and antelope property but also when you do shoot the elk, he will help you get it out which depending where you shoot it can be over whelming in the timber and rugged elk country. 

His hunts are very successful one of the highest of any DIY private land I have ever seen which has a lot to do with the quality of the land you are hunting, and the limited number of hunter he allows on a ranch. This is the downfall; it books up extremely due to the high quality of hunting habitat. In addition his repeat clientele continue to book 60% of his hunts every year leaving only a few available each year. If comes down to who will get the hunting slot the date the deposit was received will be the winning hunter.

( Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt ) 

Hunt ID: CO-ElkMDeerAntelope-Walden-BOO-Del.pdf

Elk Mule Deer Antelope Bear

Elk and Deer Hunt guided out of a mountain cabin for less than some DIY hunts!

Cabin Lodging and Guiding / You will need to bring and cook your own meals. 

Guided hunt for a 2 on 1 hunt is only $1295 per person 

Guided hunt for a 1 on 1 hunt is only $1695 per person 

Without Cabin Lodging bring your own lodging 

Guided hunt for a 2 on 1 hunt is only $1095 per person 

Guided hunt for a 1 on 1 hunt is only $1295 per person 

Elk and Deer can be hunted at the same time but acquiring licenses for each is a different process depending on the season. ( Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt ) 


Hunt ID:  CO-ElkMDeerBuffalo-ALL-Delores-APO-Mel.pdf



Elk Mule Deer​

Guided Hunt Located in west central Kansas

WE ARE offering some of the best combined Mule Deer and whitetail deer along with, turkey upland bird, hunting in Kansas. The harvest success averages are extremely high when you mix archery, muzzleloader to the rifle success which is always 100%.

In 7 different units licenses are not difficult to acquire and options are many. The hunting areas go from mule deer sand hills to river bottom, creek bottom, woodlots, high CRP grass, wheat, soybeans, corn, milo and alfalfa. 

Hunts are $3,500 discounted down to only $2695 no matter what the weapon and if you shoot something smaller than 164 7/8 then $1400 will be refunded back to you to try again next year or to take candy home to the kids it is your choice. We wouldn’t make this statement unless we knew our deer! 

Mule Deer 

Archery, rifle or Muzzle-Loader deer up to 164 7/8   $ 1295 

Archery, rifle or Muzzle-Loader deer above 164 7/8  $ 2695 

Whitetail Deer 

Archery, rifle or Muzzle-Loader deer up to 149 7/8   $ 1295 

Archery, rifle or Muzzle-Loader deer above 149 7/8  $ 2695

There aren’t many outfitters that would bet their paycheck on the size of the deer you will get but we will and you will see a lot of deer on this no fence private property. 

You'll be hunting 2500 acres of intensely managed property in the heart of the most sought after trophy whitetail area or Mule deer area in the country. We have a ideal mix of river bottom cropland and hardwoods, brushy ravines in native prairie, Corn, Beans, wheat, and timbered ridges mixed with cedar thickets. Tree stands and Ground blinds are located where needed but spot and stalk is popular in some are and the main tool when hunting mules. ( Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt )

Hunt ID: KS-WMDEER-All-Norton-OC-Richard.pdf 



Whitetail Deer Mule Deer

Semi-Guided Many Big Whitetail Bucks to Choose From!

This is 4 day Nebraska Whitetail hunt on a 7,000 acre private ranch with alfalfa, corn, wheat fields and wooded lots all along the river. This property is so good that the Cabala family tried to lease it from the land owner. 

Cost of Hunt – $3250 – reduced to only $1795 for rifle; $1695 Muzzleloader; $1595 Archery. This is big Whitetail buck country, Cabala’s wanted to lease this property but the owner released it to us.

REDUCED 10% if 4 hunters in a group or 20% for a group of 8, that is all the ranch allows at one time. This is the first 4 days of the season, second 5 days are automatically 10% off. 

( Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt )

 Hunt ID: NE-WDeer-All-Naper-TRR-Tommy-SemiGuided.pdf 

New Mexico

Whitetail Deer Turkey

Fully Guided and DIY Hunts this Outfitter runs the gauntlet with about 20 different hunting options of animals and weapons. He has some combinations that will allow you to hunt Bears along with something else during the same trip. Elk, Deer Pronghorn Antelope, Merriam turkey, Rio Grande Turkey, private land elk, public land elk (six units), guided, drop camps, hogs, whitetail deer, mule deer, Oryx, Ibex, sheep, varmints, and waterfowl fill his agenda. ( Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt )

 Hunt ID: 



Whitetail Deer Elk Mule Deer Antelope Oryx Lion Hog Varmint Waterfowl Turkey Sheep Black Bear Ibex

Fully Guided and we have it ALL!

Welcome to the Texas Hunt Fest !

70,000 acres of Deer, Hogs, Quail, Turkey, Dove, Ducks, Goose and Predators, all hunted many different ways, provide a Shoot Fest where you select the animal you want to hunt and we get you set to go, all you need is you gun.

No telling what critters you might find. 

( Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt )

 Hunt ID: TX-WDeerTurkeyHogQuailDovePreditorWaterfowl-ELLH4ASK-O5R-OGER6R  

Deer Hogs Quail Turkey Dove Goose Ducks Predators

DISCOUNTED Combo Hunt for Bears, Moose, Waterfowl and Walleye Fishing, in Saskatchewan, Canada

Waterfowl Hunting

A 4 ½ day of duck hunting in DU’s multi-million dollar duck habitat area, hunting from shallow water boats, riding from the lodge to the cattail marshes, and hunting from the boats in cattail blinds. Ducks and some geese are the normal take, limits daily. Dates for best hunting and available are September 1st to November 7th, 2009. Fully guided meals and lodging in log cabin facility. The cost of this hunt is reduced down to only $2200US with Licenses included.  

A 5 day bear hunt in prime Canadian bear country; some 400 pound bears have been taken. 

Fall hunts available. A second bear is possible, one Canadian bear and one reservation bear. The cost of the hunt is only $ 2200 US with license included, for the first bear, Outfitter Robert Allen will explain the details of the second bear if requested. Dates available August 25th through October 14th 2009 

Bear & Waterfowl Combo Hunt-A very popular hunt. 

A 5 Day Great Combo Bear & Waterfowl hunt available a favorite of many, 5 days of hunting ducks and bears, ducks in the morning and bears over bait in the evenings. This hunt is available from September 1st to October 14th. The cost of this hunt is only $3200 US with the licenses included. 


A 6 Day Moose hunt with record class bulls taken on a regular basis. These are hunting from boats and organized drives through moose territory. There is very little hunting pressure to build trophy class bulls, and a good population of large moose. The dates for this hunt are covered in a split season. First season is October 5th to October 10th. The second season is October 12th to October 17th 2009. The price for this hunt has been reduced down to $4500US with license included.

Fishing is always available for those who hunting in the morning and evening is not enough, they can fish the many miles of waterways through the area with a guide showing them the tricks of the trade.

Combination hunts of the above are available with reduced pricing. Speak to Robert as to when the best hunting is for the animals you want to hunt, and he will give you the dates that both are providing their best hunts, or when the seasons overlap.

The lodge is located 15 miles west from the village of Cumberland House, (Town)once you get here the guides will take you to the lodge by boat and motor, 35 minute boat ride, be ready to bring out your warm jacket ,or you can wear your hunting gear for the ride, to the lodge.

( Click on the Hunt ID Link below for more detail on this hunt )

Hunt ID: CA-SK-MooseBearWDeer-Ducks-All-SK-Robert-Guided.pdf 



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