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Colorado Landowner Voucher / Tag Sellers Or Buyers Form



Wondering what will be left to select from in the Leftover announced in July and sold August 2nd 2016?

Here is wat is left over after the first draw. For an explanation there is a 1st application deadline of April 5th, 2015. For those that made that deadline you have either drawn your license and received it in the mail or if you weren’t successful in the you have received this letter of the “Leftover licenses after that draw. At this point you are able to re-apply from this list as a second chance to draw for a license before the next “Leftover’s” are published by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife on their web page on July 18th.


Here is the meat of the subject, if you did not apply before April 5th, this gives you a guide as to what will be available when this second draw is completed. Any animal, season, GMU that you don’t see on this list will not be available. The ones you do see have a chance of being available if the they are not drawn out by the unsuccessful 2nd draw applicants.

Don’t forget if you want deer and don’t see what you want it is possible to get a eastern Plains whitetail buck or doe. Colorado has begun early putting pressure on the whitetail to control their population explosion as much as possible. I do have Vouchers for deer, elk and antelope but they go out as fast as they come in so you have to be on your toes for those.


If you don’t see your license here than it is an early warning to look for other options, your second best hunt, or broaden your horizons to another state.


If Mule deer are your desire, look at Wyoming right next door to Colorado. In Wyoming the deer her drawing opportunities are better and if you want low cost trophy deer options there will be leftovers available as I have some that will provide you with a 160 to 205 buck, 100% success, if I can get you a license in the leftovers for Wyoming which will be available in July first come first serve. In the leftovers the prices are lowered $14 from $ 326 to only $ 312. Also great prices on Cow Elk hunts if you are looking to fill the freezer.


Nebraska is known for a low cost license alternative with a buck license putting you back only $209 and if you like you can get two of them and shoot 2 bucks as long as only 1 is a Mule Deer. If you do want a Mule deer license you will need to apply now. Nebraska has joined the ranks of Western States that have applications and preference points. For the most part it is mainly for Mule Deer. The whitetail hunts you can do fine with the leftovers that traditionally come out to the internet to buy on a first come first serve basis on July 11th.


I have Mule Deer and whitetail hunts available in Nebraska, and even if you don’t want to hunt it is a good time to get a point. The future shows that Nebraska will be a full blown western draw state in time. The pearl that started al of this is the Frenchman Unit in the south west corner of the state by McCook. The area is the best Mule Deer hunting in the state. There are also good numbers of Mule Deer in the sand hills region of west Central Nebraska and along the northern edge about 1/3rd of the state starting from the western border. I have Northeastern Nebraska DIY Whitetail 100% success hunt for as low as only $ 1495 during the rut with a rifle.


Anywhere that the there is a difficult time drawing a license the archers can just shine. As an archer you can get a license in any part of the state for a either sex whitetail or a Mule Deer buck. The Mule deer doe is sacred like the bald eagle.  As whitetail encroachment moves west in Nebraska the mule deer are out populated and soon you only see whitetail deer. It is strongest along the river bottoms where the habitat is ideal for whitetail.


The population shift from Mule Deer to Whitetails in western Nebraska and Kansas is due to the aggressive nature of the whitetail buck. A whitetail buck seeing a Mule deer buck with a harem will chase off the Mule deer buck then breed all of his does. The outcome is a hybrid deer which in the first generation the does look the same a regular mule deer doe. The bucks though are like a Mule and are sterile able to collect a harem, but not able to do anything with them except keep other mule deer bucks from breeding the harem he gathers. His antlers will begin taking on whitetail characteristics | as I shot one that was a 5x5 whitetail on one side and a 5 point mule deer on the other side. Add to this the fact that a mule deer does has he first fawn on the second birthday and a whitetail has doe has its first fawn on its first birthday and has a average of 2 fawns every year after that, where the standard for mule deer is 1 fawn per year. Keep in mind that if hunters have a chance they will take the bigger mule deer over a white every time. With whitetail deer hiding in cover and mule deer traveling the open the Mule deer number soon plummet as the whitetail deer explode.


Kansas is similar to Nebraska with its whitetail encroachment. All Mule deer are huntable with muzzleloader or archery only. There are leftover whitetail but they are priced like around $400 and if you are lucky enough to draw a Kansas Mule deer license it will cost you a extra $ 100 over the whitetail license.

I have some good buys on Kansas hunts at $ 1895 you just need a license.


Montana has a boatload of Mule Deer license but as a non-resident that will set you back around $600 the most priceless deer license in the nation.


If you are a whitetail hunt the $1395 Semi-Guided private farm land hunt in Missouri with a rifle is a good way to go with over the counter licenses. This option is also available in Iowa and a “gun” license can be drawn with 0-1 point. Points are $. The unique part of Iowa that is old hat to eastern whitetail hunts “Gun” means muzzleloader or Slug Shooting Shotguns. The archery season is also a draw and it take place during the rut and that is when the monsters you read about are out.


If you after a lot of deer for a little money the Texas License is the best buy. The $312 with cover you for 2-3 whitetail bucks, the balance of 5 are whitetail does, with a mule deer buck option. It also allows you to shoot all the hogs and exotics you can, along with does, quail and with a waterfowl permit ducks and Geese. Also included is varmint/predators as bobcats and Mountain lions that are so restricted in many of the northern states. In Texas shooting a mountain lion is under the unlimited animals.


The only other draw that has not completed besides Nebraska is South Dakota with Deer applications being accepter on June 20 to July 15 for the first of 5 repeated draws.

I have a Trophy hunt on 60,000 acres for whitetail and mule deer with a 80% whitetail and 20% Mule deer guided hunt reduced down to only $2295.

Download Buy or Sell Vouchers Form

Date and Time Submitted To Sharon Merriam at Discounted Hunts & Vouchers ________________  __________________


Are you wishing to Sell a voucher(s) or Buy Voucher(s)____________________


Hunters Name: ____________________________________________________


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If you are put in contact with a landowner you are not required to purchase the voucher(s)n you will be given the landowner Contacts contact information and what you work out is between you and the landowner.


Colorado GMU  Animal  Season/Weapon Details  Anticipated Price    Comments


Example    GMU         /  Animal & Sex          /    Season and dates          / Anticipated Price /    Comments      

Example    GMU025    Buck Mule Deer     2nd season 10/22-10/30        $1500                       Looking for a ranch or low impact hunt


Landowners Selling Vouchers




GMU021     *DEER24-Jun2nd Rifle Buck Season UW     340 Acres   Tony13500100
GMU041  048, 481  *ELK7-JunE/S Archery    23000102
GMU050    *DEER16-Jun2nd Rifle  Buck1Sold103
GMU050, 500, 501    *ELK Bull16-Jun2nd Rifle1Sold103
GMU050    *Elk Cow19-Jun3rd Rifle 10-31 to 11-08 Public    2500104
GMU052  411, 521   *DEER22-Jun2nd Rifle Pr. L    31500105
GMU055     *DEER16-Jun3rd Rifle  11/5 to 11/13 14500106
GMU055     *DEER16-Jun2nd Rifle 10/22 to 10/30   12500106
GMU056      *DEER16-Jun2nd Rifle    13500107
GMU060  61,-65,70,52,53 411    *8-Jun108
GMU061    *ELK Bull13-Jun2nd season Rifle15000109
GMU061    *Deer Buck13-Jun3rd season Rifle14000109
GMU061   *Deer Buck16-Jun2nd Rifle Season Unit wide  10/17 to 10/25     1Call110
GMU067    *ELK Bull16-Jun1st   EM067-01-R22800111
GMU067     *ELK Cow16-Jun1st   EF067-01-R1500111
GMU067    *ELK Cow16-Jun2nd  EF067-02-R1500111
GMU067     *Deer Buck16-Jun1st   DM067-01-A12500111
GMU067    *DEER15-JunArchery 8-25 to 9-23 Unit wide1CALL112
GMU067    *Elk Bull22-Jun2nd Rifle    UW                            1Call112
GMU067   *ELK15-Jun2nd rifle  UW  10/17-251CALL112
GMU067   *ELK Bull25-Jul2nd Rifle Season 10-17 to 10-25 Unit wide  1Call112
GMU067     *      1 TAGDeer29-JunBuck Pri-land  5 vors  2 LO 2 cow UW 2nd and 3rd                   1500113
GMU067    *ELK  Bull13-JunRifle 1st season   Unit wide12495114
GMU067    *ELK  Cow13-JunRifle 2nd season Unit wide11995114
GMU067    *ELK  Cow13-JunRifle 1st season Unit wide11995114
GMU067    *ELK  Bull13-JunRifle 4th season Unit wide12495114
GMU067    * DEER Buck16-JunArchery 1st season Unit wide12950114
GMU068  681, 682    *Deer22-JunMuzzleloader 9-12-20   UW        11500115
GMU068  681, 682    *Deer 22-JunMuzzle Pri land  9/12 to 9/20    31500116
GMU070   *DEER16-Jun3rd  DM070-03-R   PLO12500111
GMU070   *DEER16-JunArch DM070-01-A 11500111
GMU082    *ANT22-JunRifle Season 10-19 to 10-27 UW       11000116
GMU105   106  107    *ANT29-JunBuck  Rifle 10/3 to 10/9 11000122
GMU104  105  106    *Deer W29-JunE/S  Muzzle   9/12 to 9/20 2015 Pri land11000122
GMU107   LLP   *Deer3-JulE/S  Rifle 12/1 to 12/14 hunt 1000 voucher 1500 availe12500123
GMU107   LLP    *ANT3-JulRifle 10/3 to 10/9 hunt 1000 voucher 1000 Available12000123
GMU145   *ANT3-JulRifle2500125
GMU481    *Elk Bull25-Jul2nd Rifle sea10/17 to 10/25     201531700120
GMU481   *Elk Bull25-Jul1st Rifle Season 10-10 to 10-14 UW      201512500120
GMU861    *Deer15-Jun
2nd Rifle  Private land only

Landowners Wanting Vouchers

GMU Sex WeaponSeasonCommentTagsID #
GMU      Eastern2nd 3rd 3172
GMU???Rifle Deer2146
GMU003, 301Late Dec1157
GMU003, 301Rifle2nd4121
GMU005    DIT or PLANY1134
GMU005    DIY or PL2130
GMU014Deer W1161
GMU020Cow   1-2166
GMU035 36,42,54,55,68,70Rifle3rd 4th119
GMU035  036Rifle3rd1170
GMU040ArcheryHas his land114
GMU040Rifle3rd or 4th1162
GMU040  060, 070 Rifle2nd    3rd 1167
GMU043  047,4713rd 4th113
GMU043  047,471West slope2nd2122
GMU043  047, 471Rifle3rd2122
GMU050  500, 5011st  Bulls15-Oct2131
GMU052  54,55,62,67,70,521Rifle 3rd4115
GMU053  062Rifle3rd1147
GMU053  063  Unit wideRifle1st2108
GMU053 521ANY137
GMU054 055,066,074, or 076Archery2152
GMU057   056Rifle1st1116
GMU057  058128
GMU058Arch MzzPu L1173
GMU060   421ArcheryG.J.1175
GMU061 ArcheryBuck2105
GMU061 Buck Rifle 3rd1117
GMU061 062ANY138
GMU061  062,065 and 066Muzzle124
GMU062 Rifle3rd2153
GMU062Rifle3rd or 2nd1151
GMU062Rifle2nd 1153
GMU064  065Rifle3rd3148
GMU064  065Rifle2nd2153
GMU066  067,068,681,082112
GMU074  741Rifle3rd or 4th155
GMU074, 741Archery2158
GMU075 751 Rifle3rd111
GMU077 Unit WideArchery2106
GMU080, 081Rifle3rd1163
GMU081  083ANY133
GMU085ANY2nd or 3rd139
GMU097 098,099109
GMU097, 098, 101 and 102RifleNov-Dec1165
GMU097  099,100,101,102,107DIY1126
Unit 45  NMMuzzle1169
NM 15120


Voucher for GMU056 provided with a fully guided hunt by Salida with the usual take mule Deer in the 160s. Low impact hunt, with the habitat being mostly alfalfa fields, creek bottoms and a large side hill of Mountain Mahoney brush. Your hunt will take place on 100% private land. The voucher can be made 2nd or 3rd season. The first hunter has his choice. In the past it has been a 100% success.

Total package          

$ 4500 discounted down to only $ 2995 and the Voucher is free if you didn’t draw the license for GMU056.  Guided 1 on 1 if need be. Only a total of 2 hunts are available.​


Please email to Sharon Merriam at Discounted Hunt and Vouchers  303-776-7528 303-746-1244 cell

The list will be presented on DiscountedHunts.Net under Lisences.



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Web Page for Vouchers This is the Link to the land Owner Voucher List


Conference Phone line 305-848-8888, room number "1117461214#"
Web Page for Vouchers This is the Link to the land Owner Voucher List​​